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Courses to Go!

We have a large library of e-Learning and Instructor-Led content just waiting to be deployed to your Learning Management System (LMS).

We will customize your selected course purchase to display your company logo and colors, We will also include you customized introduction, contact information and resources pages so that your purchased training content will not look like a typical 3rd party vendor ecourse. Your course will look like it was done In-House! Delivering to your employees a totally organic training experience.


  1. Select your e-course

  2. Review course objectives and outline

  3. We will customized and brand content based upon your directions

  4. We will deliver the Alpha draft e-course version for review

  5. Your Alpha draft requested revisions (if needed) will be applied

  6. We will deliver the Beta draft e-course version for review

  7. Upon approval for employee consumption/deployment we will deliver the SCORM zip file for upload/testing to your LMS

  8. Invoice submitted for purchase of e-course

* We will provide free revisions to your purchased content for 1 year after the submitted invoice.

Take a look at some of our content below (*some training titles are available as e-Learning or Instructor Led):

Contact us to order a "Courses to Go!" e-module.
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