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Long & Foster Insurance

Training e-module to acclimate new employees as to how to process Home Warranty Claims. 


Online training to orient new employees to the culture of an Australia company that conducts environmental research to improve lives. 

Mondelez International

An orientation for new employees explaining the importance of company protocols.

Words Can Hurt.png
Words Can Hurt Video


Animated video created for unconscious biased training curriculum.

BP-UPS 102.png
British Petroleum (BP)

Switching and best practices procedures related to electrical equipment.

Striiv Fitness Tracker

Australian based activity and fitness tracker emodule for sales accountants to learn the main features of their product.

Insurance Contractors Educational Services

Training curriculum for contract insurance agents.

National Council on Aging

An overview of the National Council on Aging.

Farm Credit Mid-America

Financial lending institution that serves argicultural america needed an assessment for the learning styles of employees.

OSHA Electrical Safety Course

OSHA compliance course featuring a 5 module series curriculum.

Car Buying Process.png
Millennial Customers and the Car Buying Process Video

Animated video displaying metrics related to millennials and the online car purchasing process.

PBGC Privacy Policy

Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation annual employee compliance training related to information privacy laws and policies

MTS Multicultural Auto Markets.png
Introduction and assessment for personality index platform.


Training for scientific integrity oversight program.

Beginning of Independence

Public school student, teacher and administrator training related to conflict resolution.

Multi-Training Systems Video

Video explaining multicultural markets related to new car purchases.

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